Maxx Crosby, Defense Defense Raiders to slow down the pace of the game accelerates bosses

Maxx Crosby, Defense Defense Raiders to slow down the pace of the game accelerates bosses

Maxx Crosby, Defense Defense Raiders to slow down the pace of the game accelerates bosses

The Oakland Raiders defense, exhausted from injury, is ranked 24th in the league in allowed yards, facing Chiefs fouls at an average of nearly 400 yards per match.

Defensive damage
This season he hasn't been kind enough with some of the key Raiders. Deep Karl Joseph, defensive end Arden Key and deep rookie Johnathan Abram suffered injuries that ended the season. Linebacker Vontaze Burfict was suspended for the rest of the season shortly after the first meeting with the Chiefs.

Losing forced some faces to be the center of attention, and some players had prospered. At the end of Rookie's defense, Maxx Crosby led the team with 7.5 catches, and Erik Harris, who led the team with three interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdown.

The Raiders has increased the number of free people and 3 coverage in recent times. The cover version without men makes them give a shallow cross to the linebacker instead of using a defensive back to chase their men across the field. They rarely bomb, relying on their defenses to get the most pressure, although they will tip their defenses and turn occasionally. If they can get violations immobilized in their own territory or force third parties, they tend to increase the pressure by sending additional people to the bombings.

The endless crosby engine, speed and physical rewards give this runner the chance to fight the most experienced offensive linemen. This effectively executes the somersault trick inside, converts its speed into strength and is pushed in the center of the pocket, although it sometimes loses balance when entering. Linebacker Nicholas Morrow flows from the lateral line to the lateral line very well. He is able to protect runners off the field, and can make tackles that are safe in space.

Defeat defense
The Chiefs fought for the race against the Raiders on Week 2. Defensive handling Johnathan Hankins did an extraordinary job of occupying a block in the middle of the offensive line, creating massive accumulation and not leaving a path inside. Kansas City must try to hit the game running with rigging, stretching moves, outside areas and throwing sweeps to the wide side of the field. This broadens the defense, creating a path for runners. They can also use a split zone to attack Crosby with traction blockers to try to stop it, hitting the race behind the shooter.

Mahomes can use RPO to get fast-moving linebackers to move forward. This opens the crossing route and the deepest route behind it, or catches the traffic midfielder that prevents him from going to cover the fast screen game.

The use of runners outside the back field is also effective against Raiders, especially when the route serves to slow down the search for supporters, similar to the game of choice.

Mahomes can wear boots and carts to take advantage of the aggressiveness of linebackers. Cornerback Nevin Lawson was often caught with his eyes on the ground when he saw the start / move action, which caused him to lose track of the man. The Jets use the sprint kickback concept for open runners for last week's touchdown in the red zone.

Cornoback Rookie Trayvon Mullen is slow to cover deep routes within the scope of Man, which makes the receiver several feet apart. Mullen also has a tendency to let his feet die when he tries to attack, which causes him to attack the ball carrier and hopes he can wrap himself and defend until someone can finish bringing down an offensive player.