The Dolphins’ punter-kicker touchdown was the NFL’s worst special teams play done right

The Dolphins’ punter-kicker touchdown was the NFL’s worst special teams play done right

The Dolphins’ punter-kicker touchdown was the NFL’s worst special teams play done right

Dolphins don't rejoice much in 2019. Miami's intention to break through the season and rebuild in 2020 is clear in spring, and the 2-9 record this fall is very much in line with the Tacit Team's trip to the top of the draft next year.

Dolphins are helpless at 10.5 points at their home turf when they face the Eagles on Week 13. That means that first-year head coach Brian Flores must be creative if he wants to achieve surprises against more Philadelphia teams. talented And he has the opportunity to face the fourth and 1st quarters in the second game 13-7.

Dolphins line up for field goals, then divide their lines into three parts: four blockers, including kicker Jason Sanders, settle on the left. Three stand on the right. One is still the center, and behind it is bettor / owner Matt Haack. It was a bias that had extreme implications for the Colts-Patriots disaster if handled incorrectly, was widely considered the worst cheating step in history, and that Flores saw firsthand as a New England coaching staff member in 2015.

But Haack, who used to give his shooters permission to practice in the state of Arizona and was perfect 1 by 1 as a university passer, was more capable than Griff Whalen last year. He ran to the left, caught the attention of several Eagle defenders and then threw the ball into the final zone for Jason Sanders for the classic kicker-kicker combo. It was the first time a kicker had caught a touchdown pass in the NFL since 1977. Miami called it the "Alpinist Shooting."

The drama will soon be the most memorable highlight of Dolphins' 2019. And that should be an example of how Flores must face the rest of the rookie year.

Dolphins don't have anything to play in 2019. Let's get started.
Miami not only executed fake field goals in the fourth and 1; who is really crazy successful. Instead of trying to beat the Eagles in the trenches or settle for field goals as two-digit helpless, Flores turned to the pages that had just been wrinkled in his guidebook and gave the world a spurious find that rarely seemed like in the NFL.

And it. That was earlier. Extraordinary.

Dolphins don't have anything else to play in 2019, except for conscription and the opportunity to damage their opponents' postseason stock. They don't have the pure talent to do the latter: the club ranks 30th in score offense and 32nd in defense, but tricks like we saw on Sunday could be a matching factor as used by Miami until 2019. More importantly , that can provide a very important reason to see teams that are rarely competitive with a lack of star power.

Except for Haack, who is clearly a stallion.